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Mortgage Loan

TA mortgage is a loan for a house. There are a variety of types of these loans to suit different borrowers and, likewise, a variety of lenders that offer them. Here’s some information to help you make the best decisions.

Guide To Home Ownership!

Step 1: Check your credit score
Step 2: How much can you afford
Step 3: Finding the best mortgage for you
Step 4: Getting pre qualified for a mortgage
Step 5: Getting pre approved
Step 6: Locking your interest rate
Step 7: Closing your mortgage loan
Step 8: Mortgage check up

Guide To Home Ownership!

– Free application process
– No upfront fees
– 15 to 30 year low fixed rate terms or ARMs available
– Dedicated team of mortgage specialist
– Minimum of 3.5% down (case by case)
– Primary residence or investment properties
– Flexible financing solutions for complex situations

Required Documents:

– Last 2 year tax returns (with W-2 or 1099)
– Last 2 months bank statements
– Last 4 pay-stubs
– 2 Forms of ID
– Credit report pulled by Gold Quest Group

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